Bingo rules are fun and easy to follow. The main goal of the bingo game is to mark off a full row of numbers on the Bingo card.

Different casinos have different variations of bingo rules, so the players must read about the various Bingo rules that are specified by the particular casino. In a bingo game randomly selected numbers are drawn and called out while the players match those numbers on their cards and mark them off. The first player to form a pattern on their card from the numbers called out wins the prize.

Bingo is usually played in halls. Bingo rules and payouts vary from casino to casino. In the U.K. Bingo is played mainly in large halls with cash prizes.

Number Calling in Bingo Game

The numbers are announced quickly by the Caller, so the players must pay attention to the numbers that are called and mark them quickly and accurately on their card. The caller keeps calling numbers until one or more players yells out BINGO.

Online Bingo rules

When playing online, the bingo cards are randomly selected. Most online bingo games give you 3 or 4 cards. Every online bingo game has a caller or a display board for the bingo numbers. The bingo game pattern is also displayed. Some bingo games automatically mark the numbers on your bingo card for you.

Player’s chances of winning depend on the number of cards in the game and how many cards he is playing.

Online Bingo Patterns

Online Bingo is popular for the variety of patterns if offer. Unique bingo patterns add more fun to game of bingo. These patterns form the base of bingo. Basically these patterns can be classified into three types:

Static bingo patterns: Also called standard bingo patterns, these patterns cannot be shifted on the card. To win, you must cover every square of the pattern that is highlighted on the card.

Crazy bingo patterns: as the name suggests, crazy bingo patterns are not static and can be rotated in the multiples of 90 degree i.e. by 90°, 180° or 270°.

Wild bingo patterns: These are scattered patterns which can be located anywhere on the card. The pattern remains static, but its position can be changed on the card.

Some of the common bingo patterns include:

Alphabetical bingo patterns such as, C, E, F, N, O, T, U, X, Y, etc 
Straight lines across and down, 
Postage stamps, double and triple stamps, 
Four corners and four corners with a stamp, 
Outside and inside picture frames 
Outside and inside diamonds
Clover leaf, plus sign, six packs